Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Last Word

This is my final blog and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to read it and those who also left comments. Hopefully you found it interesting and some of the tips useful? If not, it might have been a good aid to help you sleep the night before the Parish!

It was good to see so many people at last night's presentation and well done to all the various category winners and Michael George for receiving the MT Merit Award. I'm not sure whether he was more proud of this prize or seeing his wife Irene go up on stage to pick up her finishers award. If you were there I hope you didn't find the speeches from Vinny and I too drawn out. I was fine when I got up on stage, but the longer Vinny took the more nervous I became, but I seemed to get a few polite laughs and claps in the right places. There was also a treat for the ladies with the pair of us briefly going topless!

It's hard to believe it is over for another year, but I will definitely be back and I think the competion will be tougher than ever, with the return of Jock and an even more determined Michael. I will be taking it easy for the next couple of weeks, trying not to eat and drink too much, whilst I'm inactive. The training will start to build up again shortly in preparation for our trip to Roubaix in Northern France in mid-September, where a few of us will be attempting to see how far we can walk in 28 hours.
Finally, for all you statisticians out there, I received the spreadsheet below from Michael Bonney - thanks a lot Michael. I had problems with my Garmin on the day and at the finish I forgot to stop the timer, so I there was no point posting a link. The spreadsheet shows the split times between the churches and average pace, comparing my 2012 times to 2011. Average speed to Peel was just over 6mph and overall it was 5.769mph, with only one leg (Lezayre to Maughold) being over 11 minute mile pace at 11.01. From Maughold into the finish each of the last 3 legs got progressively quicker and I covered them over 15 minutes faster than in 2011.

Thanks again for reading the blog and see you on the starting line in 2013.

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