Friday, 8 June 2012

High 5

Time to start making sure you have got your all your supplies in for the big day. I have been buying items from Discount Supplements for a while now and they always have some really good deals. I use the sachets of High 5 Energy Source, 4:1 and Energy Source extreme during the Parish Walk, which are good for providing the body with energy and hydration. This is especially important if it is a hot day (not that it looks like it will be at the moment if the weather continues as it is), as the more you sweat the more salts you loose, so using these types of drinks will enable better fluid uptake and avoid the effects of cramp.

I received an email from Discount Supplements today advertising 12% off High 5 products (code NRGJ12 if you are interested) and I came across a High 5 Race Faster Triple Pack for £10.99, which was normally £27.97 and when you throw in the 12% discount and free delivery you have quite a bargain! In the next few days I will provide a list of the food and drink I will be bringing with me on the day. What usually happens is that I finish with loads left over, but better to have a wide choice to select from than run short on the day.

It has been a fairly quiet week on the training front, as you would expect with less than 3 weeks left. After my longer than planned run last Sunday I did nothing on Monday, as I was out with work entertaining some of our TT guests. Royal London 360, where I work, sponsor the Superstock race and we always have a few visitors over, most of whom have never experienced the TT before and always end up having a great time. With the weather delaying the Superstock race on Monday the meal we had booked for 7pm didn't start until well after 9pm, so after eating late and a few more drinks I had a shocking night's sleep with indigestion.

The weather on Tuesday was fairly poor, but I was determined to get out for a few miles and ended up meeting Dave Walker for the short loop around Baldwin. We set a reasonable pace but didn't push it too hard.

Wednesday was the 10,000 metres Track Championships at the NSC with a run and the walk. It was a cracking evening, nice and sunny but not too warm, as there a stiff breeze at times that cooled things down a little. There was a fairly small turn out for the walk, which was a surprise as it is ideal preparation at this stage for the Parish (a good speed session and not too far). After being told to watch my knees on the first lap I soon settled into a good rhythm and felt fairly comfortable most of the way round, which was spent swapping positions with Jock throughout the 25 laps of the track. To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it as I felt tired beforehand and the thought of doing 25 monotonous laps didn't do much for me. However, once I got the first 5 out of the way I enjoyed it and ended up finishing in 53:02, which was quicker than I achieved in the same event last year, so I was pleased. Congratulations to Michael George on winning the event very comfortably and thanks to the organisers, timekeepers, judges, lap counters and those manning the drinks station, plus Philip Bannan for presenting the awards.

Up early for tomorrow for a 13/14 mile walk  - nothing too strenuous as just over 14 days to go now!

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