Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Last Minute Essentials

Following on from an earlier blog where I mentioned that I had purchased some High 5 gels and sachets of the Energy Source extreme, I received an email from Brian Wade with a new discount code from Discount Supplements for 15% off. If you're interested it is WBJ15 and hopefully still valid - thanks Brian.

As you would expect it has been a fairly relaxed week of training. Nothing on Monday, followed by a short run on Tuesday after work. I ended up at the Manx Harriers clubhouse where a few of the lower seeded Parish Walkers met with Ray Cox, the race director, and Manx Telecom staff to pick up the Parish Walk GPS Trackers. The idea is to test them over the next few days and get comfortable with the devices. The GPS is about match box size and fairly light, so I intend to put it in the pocket of the belt I carry my water bottle in, so I won't even notice it. On the day the plan is that family and friends can follow up to three competitors around a map of the course with live updates. The website link is and you can also track average speed and current speed.

This evening I went to circuit training at the NSC, which will be my last one before the Parish and had a really good workout. The sports hall was split into two sections, with one side focusing on cardio and the other on weights and exercises to improve the core. I tried to take it fairly easy, but the competitive side of me took over a little.

As it is less than 10 days to go make sure you have all the essential items. My top 20, in no particular order apart from number 1 is as follows:

1. As Ron Jeremy says - be sure to have plenty of Vaseline. I left it to the last minute last year and believe it or not I had trouble finding the stuff, as every other Parish Walker had the same idea. This year I have my supply already and although Kyley uses it on dry lips, I don't think she'll be wanting to use this pot after I have been doubling dipping in it to apply to armpits and down my pants!

2. Insect repellent - if the flies are anything like last year around Bride then this is a must.
3. Plasters - to avoid the dreaded nipple rub
4. Suncream - not sure what the weather will be like, but best to be prepared.
5. Painkillers/anti-inflammatories - but take it easy and more as a last resort
6. Baby wipes to freshen up and clean hands, especially if you have been taking on gels as they are so sticky of you spill a little.
7. Deep Heat for any muscle pain
8. Dioralyte or salt caps to ensure body salts lost through sweating are replaced
9. Blister plasters such as Compeeds
10. Water and lots of it. Whether for drinking or also just washing your face or cooling down if a hot day
11. Sports gels, but don't over do it
12. Energy drinks, but again if you have too many they won't sit well in the stomach
13. Ginger to help settle the stomach if you feel unwell
14. A variety of different foods that are easily digestible
15. Hi-viz vests for you and also support driver later in the evening
16. Head lamp and a light source visible from the rear, if you intend to continue after 10pm
17. A cap to protect you from the sun, as sunstroke on the day is not a good idea
18. A waterproof jacket, warm hat and gloves - remember 2008!
19. Various changes of clothing, socks and a spare pair of trainers
20. Good support drivers, which fortunately I do have

I'm sure there are things that I have missed, so feel free to share any tips.

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